Summer Book Lovers Contest!

Do you love reading? I do. If so, you should enter the Menucha Book Lovers Contest! It’s very simple: all you have to do is fill out a reading log. Every time you read, you can write down the name of the book and and the author. Then you write if you liked the book or not and why. Every book you read is an entry into raffles for amazing prizes!

Happy reading!

Click here for more details and for your reading log.


We’re the Five Star Detectives!

Hi, everyone. We’re the Five Star Detectives, and we work together to solve mysteries.

Our first big mystery was The Case of the Disappearing Chanukah Candles, and there’s a book about how we solved that one. We’ve solved some little cases since then, mostly around our house. But now there’s a new book about our second big case, called The Case of the Unfair Science Fair, and it tells about a big mystery at my school.

My name’s Shimmy, and I’m pretty much in charge of the Five Star Detectives. (I’m the oldest, age 11). But my brothers and sister all help out in different ways.

Adina is 10, and she’s real into art. She’s got a real good eye for that, so sometimes she sees clues the rest of us miss.

Yitzy is 8. He likes to tell jokes. Sometimes that can be pretty annoying, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on the clues. But other times it makes us laugh. And sometimes we really need to laugh. Things can get pretty tense when the clues aren’t adding up. Or pretty sticky if you have to interrogate a suspect, especially if the suspect is your friend — and you want to keep it that way.

Nosson is 7. He’s our note taker. He’s just learning to write, and he’s not very neat. Besides that, he doesn’t spell so good. Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out his notes, but in the end those notes usually help out a lot.

Miri is only 4, and she’s pretty cute. I used to think What can a really little kid do to help solve mysteries? But, after our two big cases, I learned the answer is: A lot!

All the Five Star Detectives are going to take turns writing here. Adina will probably have to fix Nosson’s spelling. And I can’t think of how Miri is going to write anything. But she always wants to do what the rest of us are doing, so she says she’ll write. And, who knows? Like I said before, sometimes the littlest Five Star Detective can surprise everyone!