Win a FREE book – or 3!

Okay, so this is really exciting. I mean, not just a little exciting, but REALLY exciting.

By the way, I’m Adina. I’m 10, and I’m one of the Five Star Detectives. We solve mysteries, like we did in The Case of the Disappearing Chanukah Candles and The Case of the Unfair Science Fair. I wouldn’t have forgotten to introduce myself, except for I’m REALLY excited, like I said.

My brother Nosson wrote here last time about how he’s hoping Ima and Abba will buy him books for Chanukah. But I just found out about a way you can WIN a free Chanukah book. Or win 3 Chanukah books! (Actually, your parents have to do it for you, because it has to be a grown up entering the contest. But they won’t mind. It’s just a couple clicks on the computer.

Five people who’ve written books about Chanukah got together and they’re having this raffle. The big winner will get to pick 3 of their books. And a second winner gets to pick 1 book. My brothers and sister and I are happy that our Chanukah story is one of the books the winners can pick!

So be sure and have your parents or another adult enter. They can get a kids book for you or a book for themselves — and it will be like a present from you, because you’re the one who told them about the contest! Just tell them to go here.


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