The Best Gift for Chanukah

Hi. Nosson here. I’m seven, and I help my brothers and sisters solve mysteries. You know me from the Five Star Detectives books. I’m the one who’s always eating snacks. And taking notes. Sometimes I spell things wrong in my notes… A big thank-you to my sister Adina, who read this first and fixed my spelling and other stuff.

You might think the thing I’d want most for Chanukah is a bunch of snacks. And I wouldn’t say no if that’s what someone gave to me. But what I really want is books. I’m not great yet at reading, but I try. And I like when Adina or my parents read to me.

There are lots of great books out there, not just kid books, but even books for grown-ups like Ima and Abba.

If you’re looking to buy a present for someone in your family (or maybe me), check out some of these:


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