Shimmy Stern has worked long and hard on his project, and he’s confident it will stand out in the school Science Fair. But Levi, another top Science student, has created a project every bit as impressive as Shimmy’s.

When a portion of Levi’s project goes missing, he accuses Shimmy of plotting to eliminate the competition. But then pieces begin disappearing from other projects… And soon all the boys are suspicious of one another, and it’s not just the Science Fair in jeopardy, but longtime friendships, too.

Shimmy can’t believe any of his friends would sabotage the others. There has to be another explanation!

With the successfully-solved Case of the Disappearing Chanukah Candles under his belt, Shimmy convinces his Science teacher to put the Five Star Detectives on the case. And Shimmy and his four siblings get to work.

Each brings something special to the effort: Shimmy, his Science know-how; Adina, her artistic instincts; Yitzy, enough jokes to lighten the mood of serious mystery solving; Nosson, his keen attention to note-taking; and Miri… well, look for some surprising contributions from this littlest detective.

Once they collect the evidence and analyze the data, it will all come down to putting the pieces together. Simple, right? Not exactly.

As the Five Star Detectives learn more, Shimmy doesn’t like where the clues are leading. And he’ll like it even less if he has to point the finger at one of his good friends.

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