As the high school gears up for the annual musical Production, good friends Chava, Ellie, Rivkie and Malka are immersed in the excitement. Everything is going according to plan… until Chava has a lapse in good judgment. Will this one mistake cost her a valued friendship – and, possibly, even ruin Production for everyone?
For teen girls.

Eleven-year-old Shimmy Stern has a knack for solving mysteries. But he really wants an exciting case — not lame ones, like finding lost homework and dealing with spilled pudding. When Mrs. Rabinovitz’s Chanukah candles go missing, Shimmy and his siblings — the Five Star Detectives — dust for fingerprints, decode tricky messages, and grill unwilling suspects. Will they find the candle culprit before Chanukah?
For middle grade readers.

Shimmy Stern is busy with the school Science Fair — too busy even for solving mysteries. But when something mysterious happens to the projects prepared by the students for the Science Fair, Shimmy is back in the game — along with his detective siblings.
For middle grade readers.

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