New Book Coming Fall 2022

Boy did we have an interesting advenchoor. It was hard, but we suksessfuly solved our third case! I have to say, this case was one of my favorite ones because it had to do with, yep you guessed it, food! And not just any food, my favorite – cholent. But, unforchunitly for me, the cholent wasn’t too good, and that’s what we were investigating. The case gets more suspenseful, but I’m not giving any spoilers (pun-intended;). Speaking of investigashins, do you want to hear a joke my brother Yitzi told me? It goes like this: What kind of animal is the best detective? An investigator! Get it? Investigator, alligator?

I can’t wait for our new advenchoor to be publisht. Make shoor to look for it in your local bookstore!

P.S.: Adina says everything’s spelled wrong. I don’t know what she’s talking about, but she says I should apologize.


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