Thirteen-year-old Liese lives a privileged life in 1930s Germany, until a horrifying new reality threatens her family – and everything she holds dear.

Thirteen-year-old Liese Goldschmidt, the daughter of a concert pianist mother and physician father, lives a life of privilege in Germany in 1937. However, life is changing for families like Liese’s – Jewish families, considered by Hitler to be enemies of Germany. Darkness grows in Liese’s flat, where her mother’s spirit withers after Hitler bans Jewish musicians from performing in public, and in the hallways of her building, where she is accosted by a hateful neighbor who personifies a society in which people are suspicious and accusatory of one another.

Still, Liese’s home retains warmth and beauty, with Jewish traditions adding depth and meaning. And Liese feels safe amidst family and friends: her loving Momma and Papa; wise and wonderful grandparents, Oma and Opa; her kind-hearted friend Jessika; little brother Willi and even Trudi, her pesky nine-year-old sister.

All of that is not enough, however, to shield Liese from the realities of a “new Germany,” as a series of harrowing events touch her and those she loves most – and forces the family to take drastic action.

Historical fiction, for Young Adults. Currently in progress.


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