Life is good for twelve-year-old Eran — short days in CyberSchool, hanging with friends, dabbling in challenging (sometimes dangerous) sports. Until an accident reveals his rare C Positive blood type and lands him in the mysterious Center for Creativity and Wisdom.

The only thing amiss in the good life of twelve-year-old Eran Coyne is the absence of his father, who died long ago. Or, at least, that’s what Eran’s been told.

But when Eran learns he is C Positive, a secret his mother kept at great risk to herself and the family, life spirals out of control. Eran is overcome with strange new thoughts and feelings, the effects of his condition, but he doesn’t understand what they mean — or how to control them. He is carted off to the mysterious Center for Creativity and Wisdom (CCW) to learn about his “special powers” and how to use them. Can he use them to find out the truth? To find his father? To save his mother in the wake of her deception of the authorities?

Can his powers help him get to the bottom of the strange goings-on at the Center — and thwart the evil plans of a crazed, power-hungry CCW leader?

Science Fiction, for middle grade readers. Currently in progress.


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