It’s that thrilling time of year again: the high school girls are gearing up for the annual musical Production at their school. Tenth graders Chava, Ellie, Rivkie and Malka are immersed in the excitement, each with her own dream of the role she wants to play.

But Chava’s dream extends beyond this year’s Production. She has a long-term “Plan.” And, if the future is to turn out as she wants it to, things must go exactly right this year.

As the preparations ensue, the girls step into their roles on stage and behind the scenes. It all seems perfect… until a lapse in good judgment leads Chava astray. Will this one mistake cost her everything, including a valued friendship – and, possibly, even ruin Production for everyone? She desperately wants to do the “right” thing – but she’s not even sure what that is.

The beloved Production, a mainstay in Orthodox girls’ high schools, provides a perfect backdrop for this story of friendship and betrayal – and a lesson well learned in the end. The characters and events will resonate with young adult readers as they cheer on Chava and her friends to the final performance.

For young adult readers. Release: Summer 2020 by Menucha Publishing.

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